7. Some scripts.

7.1. daily auto snapshot

Put into EC2 instances and run it.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os
import sys
path = os.path.join('/', *os.path.abspath(__file__).split('/')[:-2])
sys.path.insert(0, path)

import setting
import time
from awsec2tools import AwsEC2MetaData
from awsec2tools import AwsEC2Tools
from boto.exception import EC2ResponseError
from datetime import datetime

# Deploy to an instance and using cron.
INSTANCE_ID = AwsEC2MetaData().get('instance-id')
print 'Instance ID: %s' % INSTANCE_ID
EC2 = AwsEC2Tools(setting.REGION, setting.ID, setting.KEY)
SNAP_ID = EC2.create_snapshots([INSTANCE_ID, ])
print 'Snapshot ID: %s' % SNAP_ID

# Register image
while True:
        print 'AMI ID: %s' % EC2.register_image(SNAP_ID[0].id,
                '/dev/sda1', True)
    except EC2ResponseError:
        print '<%s> `%s` is not completed' % (datetime.now(), SNAP_ID[0].id)
        print 'Waitting 10 seconds ...'

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